Charles Maddock was a young fresh

college graduate which had the next ahead of him that has been to completely take a

different turn your day he was knocked down by way of a cab. That accident

completely changed him. He suffered severe traumatic brain injury that saw him

be in a coma for 2 weeks. The efforts with the doctors is exactly what made him

survive everything that and helped him resume his normal life following a long struggle.

Though his recovery is regarded as a wonder of sorts, he chose to start the

Charles Maddock foundation to help you other victims of TBI.

TBI is also referred to as

intracranial injury. It’s as a result of an unexpected violent blow on the skull

thus resulting in the brain to collide with all the skull resulting in the tearing of fibers

leading to internal bleeding. It causes death or it can result in permanent

disability. TBI could be caused by falls, violence plus automobile

accidents. It might be either mild therefore causing headaches or it could be

serious resulting in amnesia and severe concussion. Management of this is very

expensive because of the extensive care needed by the patient which includes surgery

plus therapy.

TBI research is aimed at getting

to find the most viable treatments for the ailment. The person needs to get

special care to stop further complications you can do this by stabilizing

the sufferer in order to avoid further injury,

their blood pressure level, supply of oxygen is checked plus their breathing. The

initial care offered just after the accident will greatly determine the

harshness of the challenge. One can volunteer to participate in in research should they

have an interest.

Moving the sufferer and taking

these phones hospital should be done following your extent of injury is well assessed and

first aid is conducted. Unconsciousness can take place that can cause stupor,

coma, persistent vegetative state and brain death. The seriousness of the accident

may be the determinant of the degree of unconsciousness one suffers.

Disabilities may also originate from

traumatic brain injury. There may be an effect on a patient’s way of

communication whereby they’re able to experience difficulty expressing themselves and even

understanding what they are being told, their sensory processes could also be

affected too their cognition that is certainly their thinking, memory of thing s and

also their reasoning.

Rehabilitation ought to be

done to ensure that the recovery of patients is a useful one and they also resume their

normal way of life. There’s also a prevention of TBI by ensuring

that one fastens their seat belts when in vehicles, wearing helmets when riding

bikes and when playing sports like baseball, etc plus avoiding falls.

The Charles Maddock foundation has

also sponsored projects that involve the educating athletes about concussion

prevention, pediatric traumatic brain injury algorithm project, traumatic brain

injury treatment algorithm and cerebrospinal fluid drainage in acute spinal

cord injury.

The TBI foundation was founded in

1986 by Dr. Jamshid Ghajar along with the Sunny von Bilow coma and head trauma

research foundation. You will find guidelines how the foundation follows that are

always updated regularly. People in the muse are Brainline organization,

Charles Maddock foundation, Indian Head Trauma foundation and Real Warriors.

The TBI foundation was

established to create guidelines on how treatments for the condition should

be conducted and how surgery shall be done. It has an advisory board that

aids in the functional of the foundation plus it contains medical experts.

Addititionally there is the inaugural

honors dinner that is certainly held with the foundation where various awards are presented

to individuals who have had an effect about the foundation to demonstrate that their efforts in

helping victims of TBI have become highly appreciated. The inspiration educates

people about brain trauma plus arises with comprehensive ways of treating

brain trauma.

In addition they conduct clinical

research on techniques further damage could be prevented and this leads to more

lives being saved. The inspiration has accomplished a lot with regards to giving guidelines

on how to treat TBI, training medical personnel, having research about

neurobiology and ways of decreasing deaths through head trauma.

The Charles Maddock foundation is a gift on the victims of brain trauma as it provides them with hope of leading a standard life.